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FANS is Indonesian brand shoes. FANS produces excellent quality, strong, comfortable and affordable shoes



To be admired brand through continuous improvement in quality and innovation



Welfare, happiness, growth, health, and security through quality improvement.



Teamwork, United
Discipline, Ready
Ownership, Fans
Optimistic, Must
Innovative, Creative



Started as a sport shoe trader, Fans was born as a local Indonesian brand targeting middle to lower income market segment. Fans participates in contributing to the development of the shoe industry in Indonesia. The name of Fans was chosen because it is easy to remember and has a positive meaning which is admirers or supporters. Fans shoes were first produced by a local ODM/OEM factory that also producing other brands of shoes. As demand of FANS shoes continue to grow, FANS decided to open its own factory in the Jatake-Tangerang area. By having its own factory, Fans is committed to further developing footwear technology to provide better added value to domestic market.

FANS continue to innovate and explore new technology in order to compete with other global shoe manufacturers. Inevitably, shoes made in China currently dominate the market, not because of the quality but because of the cheap price. This did not reduce the enthusiasm of FANS shoes, it was proven that consumers preferred Fans because of their reliable quality. FANS continue to explore its uniqueness in order to remain superior in local and international market.



Many local and imported shoes available on the market do not prioritize quality. Fans want to provide the best quality with affordable price to its customer. From the beginning, Fans provided shoes with stitched out-sole for longevity and durability. In addition to having stitched out-sole, Fans also uses 100% rubber outsole for better traction and safety. Top quality synthetic leather which will not easily crack into powder is also used by FANS to improve its durability. Features like Latex Arch Support Insole and Durable Heel Counter technology is developed by FANS to improve its comfort.

Fans have excellent products that are already well known and sought by Indonesian market. From year to year, Fans keeps monitoring market trend.

In 2001, Fans were known for their jogging shoes. Along with the changing times, other models began to be made.

In 2004, Fans made Taekwondo shoes that are still popular until now.

In 2010, Fans launched Hiking shoes which are well known by Hasher communities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. These shoes are known for their strength in a wet and muddy terrain, excellent grip, durable, and comfort.

In 2018, Fans launched U-LOCK technology, "Interchangeable Hook and Loop Closure" which can be replace and change according to the latest trend.  "1 Shoe 1000 Styles" is the main theme for U-LOCK technology.

U-LOCK Technology

U-LOCK is a new velcro technology from Fans shoes to adjust the size of the feet so that it is comfortable when used.
U-LOCK can be changed as wished with a variety of unique, cool, and contemporary image.



– Make it easier to wear shoes
– U-LOCK can be adjusted following the foot size
– Has wide variety of unique image
– U-LOCK can be changed easily


Fans pay great attention in education, cultural preservation, and the environment. Starting in 2014, through schools Fans introduced a collaborative program that aims to improve the quality of human resources.



As a tribute to Indonesian Batik art, Fans applied Indonesian batik motifs to the aesthetic elements of Fans' shoes. The presence of batik motifs in the Fans collection will provide uniqueness and added value for its shoes.



This sport is one of the original arts of Indonesia. As an expert on various martial art shoes, Fans collaborated with Pencak silat clubs in the country to develop special shoes for them. These shoes are very exclusive because they include the logos of each club.



As a form of concern for the environment, Fans produce shoes that are more durable to reduce shoes waste in the world. Fans also use packaging materials that are easily recycled.  Shoes Production waste can also be recycled.



In collaboration with several universities, Fans will sponsor research related to the quality management and footwear technology. Research is expected to help Fans continue to innovate and be creative in improving quality.



Fans manufacture has used FOSS in all of its operational. By restraining to use proprietary software, Fans has saved a lot of money in software licensing. Together with open source community, FANS has promoted the used of FOSS in government, education, and other institutions. Sponsoring and becoming key speaker in International Conference like Gnome Asia, openSUSE Asia, LibreOffice is a great joy for FANS. Fans is also a contributor to local Blankon Linux community.  Fans has sponsored for several Indonesian FOSS books (Inkscape tutorial, LibreOffice Writing guide, Gcompris for Primary School). Several Fans open source contest are known by Indonesian open source community.



Fans accommodate requests for custom sport shoes from various sports clubs in Indonesia, such as The Indonesian Healthy Heart Club, Indonesian Healthy Bone Community, Indonesian Hash Club, and others. Not many factories can accept this kind of request with guaranteed quality. This is what makes Fans a unique brand with a great value. Here are some interesting testimonies our customers:


"Our professional collaboration relationship with Fans has been running since 2011. So far, our affiliation has been going well. We are very happy with the quality produced by Fans' shoes. With a very affordable price, Fans have managed to provide a strong and durable quality. We hope that Fans is able to keep maintaining superior prices and quality in the future."

- Koperasi Klub Jantung Jakarta (Jakarta Heart Club Cooperative), the provider of Healthy Heart Club sports shoes -


"We are familiar with Fans' shoe brand through our cooperation in making uniform shoes for Perwatusi members. We feel nice wearing Fans shoes because they are comfortable, the adhesive is strong, the shoes are also light weight. We believe Fans can compete with other well-known shoe brands."

- Perkumpulan Warga Tulang Sehat Indonesia (Indonesian Healthy Bone Residents Association) -

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